A New Year, A Fresh Start

When I first started my blog, I envisioned it as a place where I could organise and get better at expressing my thoughts on two of my favourite discussion topics – books and films. Well…that didn’t exactly go as planned. I soon realised how much work goes into maintaining a blog and struggled with finding the motivation to continue once I started comparing my content to other blogs that I enjoy. Also, I became highly (perhaps, overly) critical about my writing, and that took away all the joy from blogging, so I gave up on it very quickly, even though I knew that the only way to get better it is to just keep writing.

However, toward the end of 2017, I often found myself returning to the idea of giving blogging another try, as I think I would enjoy it if I give it a proper chance and don’t get derailed by self-doubt. Thus, one of my resolutions for 2018 was to update my blog and give myself a fresh start. I know that if I stay focused and determined, I will see progress in the content that I create.

So here I am again, striving every day to be more positive about my work and hoping to improve my writing by sharing my thoughts on books and films.